NBH Agency Update - February 2020

In this video we're going to have a look at some of the hottest trends we've found in February that you should keep your eye on to super-charge your find, sell and keep strategy, including video marketing, webinars and newsletters!


How Contextual Marketing is Key for Customer Conversion

Looking for a way to increase conversions? Contextual Marketing will have your website adapting to whoever is viewing it, and better address their needs! Learn more here - https://www.nbh.co/articles/why-contextual-marketing-is-key-for-customer-conversion


How HubSpot's Shopify Integration Empowers eCommerce

Let's cut right to the chase - the HubSpot and Shopify integration is the inbound marketers' dream come true - allowing you to generate more traffic, a brand your market will love and revenue from your existing customer base. Click here to learn more https://www.nbh.co/articles/how-the-hubspot-and-s...


What is Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing is all about marketing to the right now! It means that the way brands sell to us is becoming far more ingrained with the real world and what's happening around us. Keen to learn more? Read the blog here https://www.nbh.co/articles/real-time-marketing


What are Landing Pages and 6 Reasons you Need Them

While everyone else is asking why you should use landing pages, let's instead ask - why the hell not? Find out how landing pages are key your success!


Top 6 Benefits of using a HubSpot CMS

Want the ins and outs of the HubSpot CMS? You've come to the right place! Find out why we love the HubSpot CMS, and why you should too!


What's New in HubSpot - January 2020

Receive your free Hubspot Portal audit by visiting - https://www.nbh.co/hubspot-portal-auditWelcome to the first episode of our new series, 'What's new in HubSpot' - your monthly one-stop-shop to learn the ins and outs of HubSpot's latest features, and best practices for how you can use th...


How to Drive Customer Reviews Without Begging

Quality customer reviews are one of the most important tools in a good marketers quiver - here's our strategy on how to ensure a steady supply. Read all about how to get Customer reviews without begging here - https://www.nbh.co/articles/how-to-drive-customer-reviews-without-begging To get your hand...

Customer Service

5 Tips for Customer Success

Customer success is ensuring your customers are armed with the tools and knowledge they need to get the most out of your product. It helps reduce churn, increases satisfaction and in-turn can help you raise revenue. Learn more here -- https://www.nbh.co/articles/5-tips-for-customer-success

Customer Service

Lead Nurturing: Make Friends & Influence Them

Lead nurturing is a key component of every digital marketing campaign. We'll give you the steps to effectively convert more leads into customers. Learn more about Lead Nurturing here - https://www.nbh.co/articles/lead-nurturing-make-friends-influence-them-2019-update ------ WHO IS NEIGHBOURHOOD? Nei...


How to Write Monthly Marketing Reports to Impress your Boss

A breakdown of a monthly reporting technique that creates a detailed and useful monthly report to present to clients or superiors. Learn more here - https://www.nbh.co/articles/how-to-write-monthly-marketing-reports ------- WHO IS NEIGHBOURHOOD? Neighbourhood is a customer engagement agency that wor...


What is PPC - A Beginners Guide

Don't know where to start when it comes to pay-per-click? You've come to the right place! Keep watching on to learn the basics of PPC advertising and how it can help you! Learn more here - https://www.nbh.co/articles/what-is-ppc-and-how-does-it-work------- WHO IS NEIGHBOURHOOD? Neighbourhood is...


The 4 elements you need to nail your social media strategy

Social Media Marketing is here to stay - are you strategizing for it the best way you can? Learn more - https://www.nbh.co/articles/the-4-elements-you-need-to-nail-your-social-media-strategy ------- WHO IS NEIGHBOURHOOD? Neighbourhood is a customer engagement agency that works to do three simpl...


Speak to Your Target Audience: 10 Steps for Creating...

10 Steps to creating perfect buyer personas for your business. Knowing your target audience is essential in modern marketing so learn how to create your own buyer personas here.Learn More - https://www.nbh.co/articles/10-steps-buyer-personas ------- WHO IS NEIGHBOURHOOD? Neighbourhood is a cus...


What is Sales Enablement & Why is it so important for...

Sales Enablement; another buzzword or a sales strategy that has proven results to increase your sales? Learn what is sales enablement and why it's important for your sales team in 2020! Learn more - https://www.nbh.co/articles/sales-enablement-why-is-it-so-important ------- WHO IS NEIGHBOURHOOD? Nei...