How to Keep Up when your Buyer Personas' Needs Suddenly Shift

During this Covid-19 period your customers needs are changing and they are more demanding, which means your audience are looking to your brand as a source of comfort and consistency.

However, as isolation regulations come and go, emotions run high and tension continually mounts, it’s hard to know what the best thing to say is. One solution is to look at your buyer personas which represent groups of consumers with similar needs, wants, expectations, motivations and pain points.

And while major social changes, like a Pandemic, don't happen on the regular basics, when it does happen, buyer personas are a great tool for understanding the diverse concerns of your customer base and help you create courses of action.

Watch this video to find 3 questions you should be asking and answering yourself in order to leverage your existing personas and make the right marketing moves that serves your audience.

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