What is PPC Advertising? - A Beginners Guide

Looking for the best way to attract visitors to your website? Pay-per-click advertising will help you to get strategic places all over the Internet and you only pay a fee when your ad is clicked. PPC is a lot faster than SEO and gives you far more control over how you appear in search results and w...


The simple guide to twitter advertising

Tweets can be informative knowledge bombs from industry leaders, jokes and puns from armchair comedians or absolute dribble and rubbish from an over-opinionated person who uses it to vent all their frustrations. They are a way to connect with people, vent, offer your opinion or share something you'v...


Top Tips for LinkedIn Advertising

Few social media's have carved themselves as effective and unique a niche as LinkedIn has done over the last few years, as social media platforms have become the dominant force in online socialising. With a focus more on the networking part of social networking, LinkedIn has defined itself as the di...