Tips for Turning your Content into Stories that Sell

Content marketing is possibly the most crucial element of any marketing strategy. It’s your time to shine, your opportunity to put your best foot forward to attract and convert prospects into customers ... without having to sell to them. But as today’s consumers don’t decide to buy from you based on what you sell but rather why they should buy from you, creating content that is engaging and entertaining should be the driving force behind your content marketing strategy. Turning your content into stories might actually enable you to sell. Enter the art of storytelling.

0:00 INTRO
0:44 Basics of Storytelling
2:42 Tip #1 Know your audience
3:03 Tip #2 Define your core message
3:19 Tip #3 Decide what kind of story you’re telling
4:13 Tip #4 Establish your call-to-action
4:34 Tip #5 Choose your story medium
5:24 Tip #6 Share your story
6:05 OUTRO

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