What is Sales Enablement & Why is it so important for your sales

January 21, 2020 sales
Sales Enablement; another buzzword or a sales strategy that has proven results to increase your sales? Learn what is sales enablement and why it's important for your sales team in 2020!

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Neighbourhood is a customer engagement agency that works to do three simple things for our clients... Find their people, Sell to their people, and Keep their people. We build brands, grow sales and shine a light on how businesses can better serve the world. We help our clients win hearts and minds throughout the entire customer journey, building stronger, longer-lasting relationships with their customers.

That's where the name 'Neighbourhood' comes from - we're community builders. At Neighbourhood, we know that this is only part of the customer journey and that there's more to a relationship than a good first impression.

That's why it's going to be our mission to help brands build their marketing systems, develop sales strategies that get them results and work to maintain the relationships they build in the long term. Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

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How a CRM Process makes your sales team more efficient

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