What's New in HubSpot - February 2020

March 02, 2020 marketing
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Welcome to the next episode of our series, 'What's new in HubSpot' - your monthly one-stop-shop to learn the ins and outs of HubSpot's latest features, and best practices for how you can use them to leave no potential power untapped! In this episode, we cover:-

(NEW) - LinkedIn ads supported in the Ads Tool
(NEW) - Pillar Page Modules
(NEW) - Restricted Access to HubSpot Blogs
(NEW) - Addition of Contact-based Workflows
(NEW) - Create and Send Templates
(NEW) - View Workflow History
(NEW) - Updated Activity Feed
(NEW) - Incremental Meeting Start Times
(NEW) - Update Tickets or Deals using Playbooks
(NEW) - Unenrol Contacts
(NEW) - Create and Use Snippets
(NEW) - Multiple Lead Scores
(NEW) - Merge Tickets
(NEW) - Create and Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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